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Collaboration project with Jen Perkins

"Time Passages"  Exhibition Saturday January 13, 2024 

11:00 AM (EST) Dayton, OH at the Dayton Public Library and 18:00 PM (+2GMT)
Naxos, Gr
eece in the Platia of  
Glinado Village (Συλλογος) next to Minas Taverna. 

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Dayton Metro Library-Collaboration Conversation

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Please join Culture Works Grant Winner Jennifer Perkins as she describes the artistic process and style of creating plaster reliefs. This Multi-disciplinary, Trans-Atlantic, Collaboration will be a special event with the art group from Greece featuring artist Maggie Ross. During this exclusive event, Perkins and Ross will delve into a captivating discussion surrounding their works showcased in the "Time Passages" exhibition. Prepare to gain valuable insights into their artistic processes, the materials they employ, and the historical and inspirational elements that shape their creations.


About the Artist: Jen Perkins is an Ohio-based artist with a BFA in Fine Arts and Art Therapy. Her work has been exhibited nationally, including multiple projects for The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, and is part of numerous permanent collections.


Maggie Ross(me), an American ex-pat and a recognized Naxian marble sculptor and instructor is based in Greece.

Artist Statement:

"Time Passages" encapsulates an exploration of the interplay between antiquity, myth, and the contemporary world. The collaborative efforts of artists Maggie Ross from Naxos, Greece, and Jen Perkins from Dayton, Ohio, converge in a collection that seamlessly blends ancient techniques with 21st-century sensibilities, resulting in a fusion of tradition and modernity.

This series is a testament to our connection with the past, realized through the utilization of archaic materials and techniques juxtaposed against modern innovations. Ross employs marble sculpting, while Perkins employs encaustic and egg tempera painting, evoking ancient artistic practices in a contemporary context. The intention was to reimagine ancient marble relief sculptures in their original vibrancy, diverging from the common perception of white-washed antiquity displayed in museums.

Spanning 5,500 miles between the artists, technology and the postal system played pivotal roles. Perkins researched classical Greek figurative relief sculptures and created initial line drawings transmitted to Ross in Greece. Ross then translated these images onto large marble slabs using traditional tools alongside modern aids like electric grinders. Upon completion, Ross crafted silicone molds, shipping them to Perkins in Ohio. Perkins, utilizing these molds akin to an analog 3D printer, reproduced multiple copies of the original pieces in plaster. Each plaster piece underwent meticulous layers of hand-crafted egg-tempera paint, inspired by natural pigments reminiscent of those exhibited at The Acropolis Museum in Athens—a source of inspiration during the artists' joint visit in April 2023. The finishing touches involved the application of encaustic paint, a technique originating from ancient Greece, using natural beeswax and resin.

Inspired by the dynamics of female relationships in myth and antiquity, the series draws from notable works such as the Grave Stele of Hegeso by Callimachus and Sappho and Erinna in a Garden at Mytilene by Simeon Solomon. The rich architecture and landscapes of Naxos and Eleusis also served as profound inspirations, notably reflected in pieces like the representation of  The Portara in Naxos, deliberately devoid of figures to emphasize its singularity as a portal.

A contemporary twist is infused through the manipulation of perspective, depth, and the incorporation of color theory, symbolizing various temporal motifs such as seasons and times of day. Departing from classical relief, which utilizes a single plane, the incorporation of multiple perspectives offers a modern reinterpretation. Additionally, the series encapsulates the artists' experience of witnessing the original marble sculptures in sunlight, capturing their translucency and aura.

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